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Default You're all invited...

I did a write up on the Texans vs Lions game this week on another website and I want you to check it out. I tried to stay as objective as possible. You are welcome to post on that board, but please note, I have been respectful here and I ask that you do the same there. I know there have been some trolls here, but I am not one. If you sign up for a membership to post, it may be several hours before you are granted access. The board is also highly moderated, so if you are rude, your post will be deleted and your access terminated, but feel free to debate on football, but be respectful. There are some really knowledgable posters over there and they are more critical of the Lions than ya'll could ever be. Have fun and thanks for the info Jwwillis and 3rd coast, I'll be back frequently as H-town is now my hometown, but the Texans will always be second to my Lions

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