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Originally Posted by TexanBacker55
Texans 24 Lions 16.

David Carr throwing to AJ without Dre Bly in the game.....24 points
No Charles Rogers leaving Roy Williams alone....16 points.
Not having to play 25 men in the box to stop LT.....priceless.
Loss of Bly definitely hurts. But the Detroit Defense played very well, forcing 4 turnovers, holding Thomas Jones to 3 yards/carry, and sacking Grossman 3 times without even blitzing, picking him off twice and stripping the ball out of his hands. Lehman (a hated Sooner, I would imagine) forced a fumble as well, and Shaun Rogers blocked his 5th career FG in his 4th year, which was run back for a TD. It won't be as easy as it looks.

Charles Rogers out hurts but we have tremendous depth there, and we have yet to establish the run. We're deeper at WR and TE than you think, far deeper than you are at CB/SS/LB. So please, double up on Williams. Then Streets, Hakim, Alexander, KJ, and Sledge will be wide open. Considering your pass rush, and the fact that the Lions pass blocking is far superior to that of the Chargers, you're still in trouble there.

You can probably play an 8 man front against our run game, unless I see serious improvement. I'm not sure if it was KJ trying to be Barry Sanders too much (by that I mean too much E-W instead of N-S movement), or bad run blocking. Pinner seemed to do alright, so I'm still not sure. But neither are LT. Man that guy is the next Barry, Emmet, Payton, and Brown all rolled into one.

I think the difference will be you make more mistakes than we do, and Lions win a squeaker.
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