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Originally Posted by aj.
They went to the well too many times on that play. Once OK, twice maybe - if the first was a setup. But three times? Bad call - in terms of the fallback option if Davis isn't open - which he shouldn't be if they've already ran that play twice. It was one of the few among the 56 plays they ran that I would consider a bad play call because it didn't appear that the first option would have a high probablility of success.
I can't agree.

If you call a play twice and it is successful, I see nothing wrong with calling it a third time, particularly if they the defense haven't adjusted to it yet. It was a situation where they were dictating to the defense. They shifted Davis, forcing the defense to adjust their interior defense. They felt they had an excellent chance to gain yardage against a soft middle, thereby cutting the yardage to a 3rd and short, if not a 1st down, after 3 yards on 1st down.

I think the logic is fine, just not the execution. The O-line needs to beat on the D-line sometimes ... plus they'd work on it in practice as part of the game plan. If they get some yards on the play and then a 1st down, no one would have noticed the call.
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