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Originally Posted by aj.
Ok then, in the second half yesterday:

Drive 1:
Davis run
Carr pass to Gaffney, 1st down.
Davis run
Carr - interception.

Drive 2: 8 plays 52 yards Touchdown.

No problem so far.....except for the turnover. Unless you see some bad play calls in there.

Drive 3:
Davis run
Carr sacked (pass attempt)
Carr flushed out of pocket - tackled short of 1st down.
Two pass attempts - were they bad calls? Or was the Davis run on 1st down a bad call?

Drive 4:
We covered above

Drive 5:
Davis run
Carr pass to Bradfordf for 1st down
Davis fumble
Bad calls where?

Or is it execution? Or if it doesn't work, is it automatically a "bad call."
I never said "bad calls" I said conservative, and I distinctly remember them calling at least one rushing play to our Fb on a second down which you happened to leave out. Oh and less play action in the second half, why did we stop calling screens that worked so well with DD and Hollings, why did we stop throwing the quick outs to AJ and DD when they can do so much with the ball in their hands not to mention it worked well in the first half besides the fumble after a pretty good gain. What happened to the deep balls, I saw two in the first half. I never said bad calls or execution because we executed well in the second half, besides the turnover, because if you recall we only punted twice. Like I said not bad calls but conservativeness
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