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Originally Posted by aj.
Agree, that was a horrible series. Play calling or execution? The Baxter pass on 1st down wasn't a bad call. The Baxter run on 2nd was...
Capers clarified the 2nd down Baxter call on his radio show. He said that as part of the game plan, they were going to split Davis out. The first two times, the Chargers didn't 'cover' him and the play was successful (although Davis fumbled on one of the two calls). On this 2nd down, they called it for the third time, so Palmer and Capers expected a throw to Davis. When the Chargers rotated the coverage, the Texans had practiced the response of going up the middle with the FB. Of course, it was Baxter instead of Norris.

I agree that it looked like bad play calling and I was livid. I think in fairness, I now understand that they were trying for a more dynamic play and that Carr correctly checked to a run where they had an advantage. Unfortunately, they didn't execute the run.

To answer your question ... it was execution.
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