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Originally Posted by HJam72
It doesn't matter. We're gonna beat the Lions next Sunday, because everyone knows they're the worst team in football.
Son. And I call you my Son becuase I am your Daddy! The Texans will fall hard, very hard on Sunday. You guys couldn't beat the worst team in Football, at home no less!

Ford Field is not kind to strangers and your pretty boy QB and suspect D will find out soon enough. I hope you guys are ready for next years draft, if not you should start planning for a top 5 pick. 0-2 is soon approaching for you.

Who's your back-up QB? Banks? Tell to get some reps this week he will be playing. Tell D.D. he might want to try some stick'em and tell your rookie DB and converted Safety they might want to actually stay within 20 yards of our WRs.

Tell your D-Line it is OK to rush the passer. It is legal now. You don't have to count to 10 Mississippi before they rush.

Oh yeah and tell your LBs that the TE is an legal receiver.

Lastly, Tell your offense Turnovers are a bad thing, a very bad thing!

If you can fix all that maybe you can beat the Charges next year!

Lions 28 Texans 14!
Beware....When you enter the Lion's Den...You get Bitten!
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