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Naturally, I am excited about our defensive aquisitions. I also like that we got Wade, Bruener, and Joppru on offense now.

People have said that having Bruener is like having an extra tackle on the line. I think our singleback-2TE sets are going to give defenses more fits than people think. DD has that natural ability to slash and dart to the open spot with great force. With a solid TE blocking on the end for Hollings we might see more success edge-rushing from him. I see Carr expanding his knowledge of game management this year (less mistakes). AJ and Gaffney just need to catch the ball when it gets to them. I hope we don't see another 40-yard pass dropped by AJ this year.

The defense has improved and built depth, which I feel the offense still lacks. It has become apparent to me that this is going to be a defensive team with a solid running attack and occasional passing like Baltimore. The DL is better with Smith, and we have a depth there with Deloach and Ioane (wish we could have signed Martin). LB position is filled up now and some depth from the draft. S position is solid and has depth. The addition of Earl and Brown should be good at SS. Mcree and Coleman make us set at FS. CB is good, but we have a rookie at RCB. Our Nickel, Dime, and Quarter package is as good as any in the league though with Glenn, Robinson, and Coleman.

I would say its a tie.
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