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Originally Posted by TexanExile
Fiddy, you're right. Since David Carr turned over the ball twice too, we should bench him for Tony Banks immediately, right? This love affair with David Carr must stop. :hehe:

Domanick Davis fumbled twice and this HAS to be acknowledged. BUT, when you're the star of the offense (which he IS, until David Carr throws more TDs than INTs), the staff has to have a certain amount of faith that you'll be back to normal the next week. I think he will be, but I also would rather see Hollings getting a "dedicated drive" instead of the backup fullback. It's exciting to think about what Hollings could've done with some of the holes opened up by the O-line yesterday.

Another thing: Davis scored 2 rushing TDs and Tomlinson scored 1. Tomlinson averaged 4.7, Davis averaged 4.1. A guy who's maybe the best RB in the NFL today only outrushed Davis by 34 yards, DESPITE the Texans failing to get the rock to him in the second half.

Davis' fumbles and Carr's INTs were the main reason we lost the game, but that was some SAD secondary play out there against a no-name SD receiving corps.
Well the difference is one of Carr's INT was a fluke play that you wont see the rest of the season. He could have read the coverage better on the one before half. Davis fumbled once that set up points for the Chargers and fumbled away the game at the end. And i dont think I ever said bench him....

I still think the AJ is the star of the offense because teams will allow DD to beat them, the wont let AJ...

Davis might have scored 2 TDs but one was set up by Hollings when he took that screen pass to the 2 yard line and the other was set up by a personal foul by one of the corners and a nice catch by Bruener. IMO, setting up the TD is just as important as scoring it...

A reason why LT only got 34 more yards than DD was because everybody on the Texans defense was worried about LT and were focused on stopping LT. The Chargers defense wanted to stop the WRs, thats why we could never go deep. The Chargers were focused on AJ, Gaff, and Bradford. The Chargers werent going to let our WRs beat them, they said "DD is going to have to carry you guys because we wont let your WRs kill us"

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