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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
Ok did you happen to see how they played football in the 70s and 80s ,,,and you think that was physical ??? I'm sorry but they are taking the Physical out of football with all of the Rules they keep putting into the game,,, its getting to be where they dont even need pads anymore !!! I LOVED that hit 360 one of the best i've seen in a long time !
He could have hit him in the upper body and would have been just as exciting. Seeing a player carried out on a stretcher isn't a laughing matter....I'm just glad that Johnson came out alright. I don't think that you were jumping in excitement when K. Brown was on the floor after giving that hit during the return....yes the hit was nice but to see a player going out isn't what the NFL should be known as. Just a bit less of a rotation and he could have landed on his neck......again, I'm glad he came out alright (keyshawn, as annoying as he might be).
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