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Originally Posted by pittbull
Sorry folks for the early rant, but either the 3-4 has to go or they have to find a defensive coordinator that will run it the right way! YES, I know we can not turn the ball over as many times as we did, but we also have to cause something on the defensive side of the ball! How many third down conversions did the Chargers have? Not the Patriots, Not the Eagles, Not the Colts, but the Chargers? Not only conversions, but for long yards! This team has to blitz the QB more and place pressure on the QB! Mark my words, the Chargers will not win more than 3 more games this season, due to the SMART D-Coordinators realizing that pressure is the key to breaking down an offense, not relying on a defense that is just getting back together after being destoryed by injury a year ago, and two rookies! Either switch to a scheme that will alow you to place more pressure on the QB, or fire the Coordinator! With a game plan like this, get ready for a long, hot, loosing season in Houston!
Ok let me get this we have pretty much the same defense we had in 2002 back and all the players healthy now and you say 3-4 isnt working ???? We beat the steelers what 21 to 6 or something like that and you wanna talk about the 3-4 isnt working ok man,,,,almost all the starters were hurt last season give them a lil chance to get back into the speed of the game. Well i guess the pats shoulda fired all their coordinator after there opening loss to buffalo 31-0 last season huh,,,oh but didnt they do just fine the rest of the year ???? MAN IT WAS JUST ONE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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