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It was Brian Williams, not Winfield. Robinson is gonna get picked on all year and is gonna make stupid mistakes, you gotta give a corner time. Newman got eaten up all day by not only Moss, but the rest of Vikings just have to give the young corners time to develop and read plays better.

We just need better pass rush, if you give a QB alot of time to throw it won't matter what corner you got out there, he can't hold them forever. The thing Eagles were really good at that make Vincent and Taylor look really good was pass rush, they always had someone chasin the QB and that made Taylor and Vincent look good(not to say their bad, their really good).

I do admit Eric Brown needs to go though, hes truely opened all of NFL's eyes bein picked on all day by the TE. I can see this happening every game. Gates is a pro bowl caliber tight end though, I don't understand why they diden't put Coleman on him?

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