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Originally Posted by Scooter
how did we just lose to the worst team in football? chad stanley sees the field only once, we hold LT to a below average game, and our offense finds 350 yards. yet we still lose. i'm aggrivated as any fan would/should be. we've been waiting for 8 months and we're greeted with 4 turnovers, 1 sack, no deep threats, and the only excitement seen on defense came from a rookie.

moses of course was great and put us in great position a few times and jabar gaffney came up big especially on 3rd down situations. robinson got screwed on a couple penalties, but that's to be expected sometimes. ugh, what a way to start the season .

the reason why you lost is because of attitudes like yours..."THE WORST TEAM" im sorry my friend but you guys arent that great. davida carr needs to cut his hair and worry about winning ONE game instead of worring about some stupid "not cutting my hair untill we win 2" . you guys are going to lose next week as well cause Detroit is better than you. [/rant]
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