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SteelBlue I will stick by my guns and say we do not have the coaching dynamics on offense that we do on defense. I would put us in the lack luster camp offensively. Our emphasis is defense and our total focus. That's what Capers is confortible with. We have a lot of potential offensively, but I believe the coaching in this area is our achellies heel. An improved offensive coaching staff would do wonders for this ball club. I know they have made some changes this year and I will wait to see what happens, but I'm not that optomistic. We will score points simply because of pure ability, but we should be doing a lot better than that. I'm actually excited about some of the late round offensive picks, but I fear they will not develop in our system. DD can not do it all by himself and that became apparent at the end of the year. He did very well, but was held at crunch time. We need for the other team to have to worry about more than AJ and DD. A two dimensional offense does not cut it in the NFL. A lot of the posts favor the defense and understandibly so. Capers was a kid in the Cookie Jar last weekend, because of defense. Again, I don't believe the offense is getting its just dues. I will say in fairness that defense is very important in the NFL, but you have to be able to put points on the board. When you do that you make a good defense even better. It may sound strange, but we lost a lot of close games last year because the offense could not give the defense a rest and because they could not put points on the board in critical situations. There were still far to many 3 and out situations with our defense hanging on to a narrow lead while being exhausted. In most cases the outcome was inevitable.
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