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Originally Posted by El Tejano
Did the Chargers really cause the DD fumbles? Did they really make the play necessary to cause the fumbles? I mean, the one where DD fumbled after the catch and juked like 3 dudes, he was holding on with both hands and it looked to me as if the ball just fell out of his hands. I mean I give credit to the Chargers, they took advantage of the opportunities given to them and we didn't. There is no excuse for us to go all the way down to the two yard line on our second possession, take more than 5:30 minutes on that drive only to come away with a FG because we threw it to a guy that has not played since two seasons ago (Jarrod Baxter).

The second INT was some pretty damn good luck. I mentioned to many people early this week that Brees is not a bad QB at all. I have seen him play since he was in High School and the dude just knows how to win. Two years ago, this guy was on pace to lead this team into the playoffs before a complete collapse in the second half. (Yes, complete collapse Charger fans) you should know all to well to get too too happy over this game because next week I am sure you will not be as successful.

My point is. We made mistakes that can be corrected on offense. Our defense just needs to get a grip.
El Tejano, get yourself a tivo and keep replaying the game then ask those questions again,YES!! the chargers did cause those turnovers which you think is luck or not I saw them rip the ball from the hands of the opponant and Edwards flying into the qb which hit him and caused another Int.and the colapse your talking about was from all our recievers and O-line going down, not Breez.Like a true leader he took the blame.
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