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Originally Posted by critter
I agree with you about the respect thing.

I also don't care for people who make excuses.

DD didn't drop the ball. It was puched out by the Charger defenders. That is good defense.

That is life in the NFL. You don't get respect until you win consistently.

If the Patriots forced those fumbles the Texan fans would be talking about how great the Pats are and their ability to make plays.

The Chargers do it and it's luck.

Oh well, respect will come eventually.

Ok let me ask yall something you talk about us talking smack ???? Well whos board are you on ours or yalls ,,,,see if ya wouldnt stay here than there wouldnt be no smack talk but YALL came here so that could be why !!! We didnt force yall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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