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Good game fellas.

It's the NFL and in the NFL any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday. Obviously the turnovers were crucial. You and 4 and we had none. 99% of the time that will win a football game.

I must admit I take exception to the worst team in football comment. We did have the first pick in the draft, by % points. There were 3 other teams that finished 4-12 and I believe the Texans only finished 1 game better.

I, as a fan of SD since 1978, am slighty biased. I do not feel we are the worst and have alot of young talent. The playoffs are not in our future this year but we will be better than people are giving us credit for.

Some other fan stated Gates is the best TE in football. That guy is smokin crack. Gates has an unlimited future if he continues to work hard.

I thought SD made the proper adjustments at halftime and with the turnovers that carried us to the victory. I believe we only gave up 3 points in the second half.

Anyways, good game and good luck throughout the year. I have always liked the Texans and became even more of a fan when you beat Dallas in your very first game. That rocked.

Have a good season.
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