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hey everyone... this is my first time posting on these message boards.
Just a couple of points..
J.J. moses... great runbacks... great field position.
David Carr... tipped balls.. happens... but everyone has to admit, every year he gets better and better...
Dominick Davis.. slashing runner.. found holes.. needs to hold on to the ball a little better while they are trying to punch it out.. and that's what they did today.. tried to punch it out, and succeeded many times..
Dunta Robinson... remember everyone.. ROOKIE... first nfl start.. two penalties back to back on him.. you know almost every team with a threat on that side will try to go after him this year.. sometimes he will win, sometimes they will..
Jason Babin.. great speed.. good wrap up tackles... impressive for his first start..

hope i made sense, and wasn't too crazy....


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