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Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the team tat usually wins the turnover battle win most games in the NFL. That is a huge stat and variable. Look at the Colts vs. Patriots. Colts racked-up over 400 yards in O and lost becuase they turned the call over.

I really was holding off on the smack talk until later in the week, but I might have to get started a little sooner I see.

I am not really concerned about losing Rogers all that much we have capable WRs to fill in. Also our DBs are pretty deep. Bly's replacement is Goodman a 3 year pro who started the last 2 years. He even got a pick today and played really well. Fernando Bryant is our other DB and he is pretty good too. We kept 6 DBs so we are deep in the secondary.

Detroit ain't in Kansas dorothy. It's a shame you have to come sooooo far to get a good ole' Texas whomping courtesy of your own local product Roy Williams and his Detroit friends.
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