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how did we just lose to the worst team in football? chad stanley sees the field only once, we hold LT to a below average game, and our offense finds 350 yards. yet we still lose.

Well since the Chargers are not the worst team in football, the 49ers or Cardnals are. LT had over 100yrd rushing and you call that a below average game? Sure he didnt bust a huge run but he sure played at least average. and your offence had all those yards but couldnt finish in the redzone.

The Chargers were ready for this game and the Texans werent. The Chargers knew who to exploit (Robinson) and how to adjust (2nd quarter shut down of your recievers). The Chargers are going to be a surprise team this year, fi not a playoff team. Car made some errors, but one of his interceptions was a tip ball at the line the other was just good D. thats going to happen to QBs.

Who I thought lost you the game was Davis. His two fumbles were unexcuseable. That lost you the game. He is a good back with a good ability to break tackles but he needs to learn to hold onto the football, that will come with time, hes going to be a good one. All in all I saw your offence having massive potential. To bad potential was all they had today.

good game none the less had me nervous until the last Davis Fumble.

Good luck next week against a tough detroit team, hopefully you guys can gain some momentum for your streatch against the Raiders and Chiefs.
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