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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
A week or so ago, I said we would have to out score the other team, because we had a questionable defense this year. I would say that that is the case. We turned the ball over in the 1st year, but we would still stop the other teams. I believe we had one sack and I don't believe Brees was really pressured. There's no question turning the ball over 4 times is bad, but part of that is pressure from a lack of defense in that you press when you really shouldn't. You feel you have to score on every possession, because your defense can't stop the other team. Essentially every time we scored they countered with a score. The last fumble by DD was in a pressure situation. I'm not condoning it, but he's trying to get the extra yards for a 1st down and perhaps breaking it for a TD. We were at the 4 minute mark and down by 7. We had to score or else and the game was on the line. It was that simple. Even if we score SD would have had another opportunity with the ball. When you don't test the secondary, you allow the other team to gang up on you. There's no question that SD was ball hunting in that situation. Too bad, but I really don't see anything different from last year as far as the play calling is concerned. AJ and DD are average receivers and running backs. Yes, they get their yards and receptions, but they aren't really a threat. Some of you will be all over me for these statements, but I think I'm being realistic. I wish it were different. Hollings is a non factor as are our other receivers. We were suppose to have so many receiving threats, but they dissapear at game time. I don't know whether that is play calling, bad route running, or lack of vision by the QB or all of the above. I think Capers better revisit his defensive and offensive schemes otherwise it will be a very long year. I said earlier in the year we had not recovered defensively from last year's injuries and I stand by that. I thought we were put back to square one and I continue to hold that opinion. The injuries are not the fault of management, but I believe they have placed too much hope and optomisum in injured retuning players.

i disagree i think AJ is a monster but his route running sucks at least it did today even on that crossing pattern he ran it was still not crisp. I think your play calling was awful considering we gave up 36 passing td's last year. alot of them on sammy davis who was matched up against AJ i woulda liked to see sammy tested deep because he did well at the end of last year against the deep ball and showed he was learning as a rookie
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