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BCS - Agreed. Until there's a playoff, it will suck. But Div-1A is the only level affected by this. Div-1AA, Div-1AAA, Div-II, Div-III do not go by the BCS. Are they not college football?

5 hour games - College plays 15 minute qtrs...just like the pros.

no team i care about - We may have a root of your problem. Or do you just not appreciate football? I can watch two teams I have zero interest in play, regardless of what level it's on, and be entertained. But I like football.

the minor league quality - Yeah, the pros look much better.

the make your own schedule aspect - You make your own non-conference always play the teams in your conference (much like the pros). More times than not, creampuffs are scheduled. But having the opportunity to schedule teams that make for interesting match-ups (I'll use Arkansas and Texas as an example) is a plus college football has over the NFL...not the other way around.

the gaps between the haves and have nots - The NFL was no different before free agency came along and parity sat in. Before yesterday, Michigan was one of the "haves"...Notre Dame was a "have not". See the result of that game?

the fact that 70-12 is something you see every week - How does "minor league quality" put up 70 points?

the list goes on for me but hey yall got ties to teams its why yall may like it so much But Michigans season is basically over they are now playing to finish out the string and make there school tuns of money how can you like that? - Makes no sense.
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