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Originally Posted by aj.
Hanik Milligan, Toniu Fonoti, Eric Parker, Tim Dwight, and Courtney Van Buren were all on the Chargers IR last year and aren't mentioned above.

The Texans had 17 guys on IR but 1/4 of those wouldn't have made the team anyway and were hurt in training camp (Herndon, Dennis, Lorenti, Lynch). Even though the Texans had a lot of injuries, that stat was always a little overused to me.

Arguing about who had more injuries last year is kind of a moot point right about now, doncha think?
Extreemly moot point but again I was responding,I didn't start the thread.You said exactly what I said earlier.1/4 of your injuries wouldn't of made the team or they were back ups.The ones that did start were not out at the same time.My point! over 95% of our injured were starters and 9 of them were out at the same time! ESPN last season also talked about how unfortunant that was for the chargers and it was a first in NFL history that many starters out at the same time.

p.s.Guy's if we can't talk football please do not respond.Yes, I am from L.A. born and raised and if we were just going to talk smack all of those who just wanted to sound cool with sarcasm please belive me when I tell you they weren't even funny and you make yourself out to be realy easy targets.My jr.high days are over and choose to talk sports.Just like Shamrock I'll be in here win or lose tomarrow.We will win though = )
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