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Originally Posted by SDBoltz
Glenn is a damn good player. So is Parker I just wished he hadn't got hurt early last year so i would have numbers to back up my claims.... and i'm not worried about anybody named faggins covering parker although if I were him i would watch my butt... literally. It takes a full season for a CB to get acclimated to the NFL. Unless they are Charles Woodson or even Quentin Jammer to an extent. But 1 on 1 anyone can get beat especially the way brees fakes and if there isnt a whole lot of pressure on the play which is bound to happen at some point in the game. Erik Parker does not drop passes. I'm a Charger fan I have seen a ton of dropped passes. He is a playmaker. but lets say someone does have him covered. Who is going to cover antonio gates 1 on 1??? He doesnt drop passes either. He is the reason we cut Josh Norman. Norman was a great route runner and could get open but he couldnt catch that was the one knock on him, as much as I liked him.
MAN come on what are ya thinking about i never even heard of these damn recievers you making up names ???? well how bout this i bet L.T dont get 85 yards the whole game,,,,and brees throws at least 2 picks and one will be by Marcus Coleman "ever heard of him" ,,,,,,man come on this is a little one sided how come none of ur little san diego friends are here to back you up ??? maybe cause they've already faced the facts. But ur one of those positive thinkers "thats good" but leaves ya open for disapointment. Sorry pal !
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