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Originally Posted by SDBoltz
ok I will be here tomorrow around 9 am or so PST And will make a thread called Boltz vs Texans look for it so I can see all your ptetty lil avatar's crying.

Avatar: Definition - From the Sanscrit for the incarnation of Godhead, an avatar is the 'body' you 'wear' in a virtual community - an animated, articulated representation of a human which represents you, the user, in any virtual environment. Some of the more sophisticated chat rooms provide the facility to 'chat' over the 'net via the visual representation of interacting human forms.


An avatar is a graphical representation of a person, which you can use in some 3D style chat rooms. Each person in the chat room chooses an avatar to represent themselves.

I do not think that you are using that word correctly. Unless are applying it to "SDBoltz" as well. And then in that case - it is "pretty" and it is little. And after tomorrows game you will be crying.

Looking forward to your thread - it should be entitled "How the Texans whooped SDBoltz.
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