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Originally Posted by Lucky
Huh? I just checked how many games the Chargers starters missed last year:

Vaughn Parker - RT - 13 games
Jason Ball - C - 8 games
Soloman Page - RG - 6 games
Damon McIntosh - LT - 4 games
David Boston - WR - 2 games
Raylee Johnson - RDE - 7 games (and Dingle had won the RDE spot anyway)
Jamal Williams - LDT - 1 game

If your point is that the Chargers missed these guys so badly last season that they only won 4 games, I ask what's changed? Jamal Williams is the only player San Diego brought back, and he missed a grand total of 1 game.

In contrast, take a look at some of the players the Texans missed last year.

Seth Payne - NT - 14 games
Gary Walker - DE - 12 games
Aaron Glenn - CB - 5 games (and hobbled all year with a nagging hamstring)
David Carr - QB - Missed all or parts of 7 games

Those aren't throwaway players, that's the heart of the team. And yes, the Texans lost backups to injury. Do you think that's OK? Tony Banks went down while subbing for Carr, the Texans had to start their 3rd string rookie QB for 2 games. CB Kenny Wright went down while subbing for Glenn, then Petey Faggins went out subbing for Wright. How about having to play your 4th string CB? Not to mention when reserves like Ramon Walker are lost, that doesn't exactly help the special teams.

The 5-11 Texans could and probably would have won more games without the massive injury toll. The Chargers were going to be a 4-12 team, regardless. Losses like Page and Vaughn are so inconsequential, it's ridiculous. These guys are no longer in the league. Comparing the Chargers injuries in '03 to the Texans injuries is laughable.
Don't stop there!!!!! you only printed half our list.If your going to spout out stats then do the whole thing.Just like someone in denial to take half the truth and twist it into there own story.I was responding to when you guy's said you had more guy's injured than us.FALSE!! not true!!!! even your lies are big in Texas.
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