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Originally Posted by SDBoltz
our special teams are better. our TE is better our RB is better. Our QB is better. Yes Brees is better than CArr and you will see tomorrow. Our O line is better our Linebacking core is better. Our Secondary is better. If you don't know Quentin Jammer or Sammy Davis you quickly will. Donnie edwards or Jamie sharper? I take Mr. Edwards. Ben Leber could put Carr out for the game, but Carr is a tough guy so I dunno. I am sure he will sack him though most likely a few times. Our DT is an all pro in Jamal Williams. I know Chester Pitts pretty well actually. I also know that he is not an elite oline man and wand.... nuff said. Your Kicker may be better I don't know guess we will find that out as the season goes along.
I dont know how your special teams are better, Stanley has led the league in punts downed inside the 20 for the last two years and Brown has been really accurate since leaving Pittsburg. And arent you guys starting rookies at the Punter and Kicker position??? I'll give you Gates is better the Miller or Bruener, individually, but I would rather have Miller and Bruener then just Gates. If Brees is so good, why did they trade for Rivers??? Who are your two safties in the secondary??? And with Jammer and Davis you guys gave up more TD passes then any other team last year and it wasnt close. Sharper had more sacks, tackles, and forced fumbles then Edwards, and Edwards is moving from OLB to ILB in the 34. Wong and Leber had the same number of sacks last year. You guys even released your best defensive player in Marcus Weily. And do you remember that Glenn went to the probowl 2 years ago and that Coleman tied for the AFC lead for INTs and D-Rob was a higher rated prospect coming out of college then Davis??? And dont forget that Faggins shut down Marvin Harrision last year until he broke his leg. I'd take Wand and Pitts over the left side of your line...

Plus, this game is won in the trenches and our O-line and D-line are clearly superior to the Chargers' and if you try to argue that the Chargers lines are better, I am going to be forced to put you on my ignore list...

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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