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Originally Posted by LonghornBabe
I am with you Huge!!

To me, there is nothing in this world comparable to college football. I mainly watch the Texans in the NFL...but I can watch ANYONE play college football. There is just something special about it! I pray it NEVER becomes like the pros!
Hallelujah, sister!

The NFL is a business. All the players are financially secure and some are obscenely overpaid. Players switch teams (and loyalties) when bigger money beckons. The fans are, for the most part, made hardened and cynical by the avariciousness of it all.

In college the vast majority of the players are struggling financially, some are walk-ons without even a scholarship. Most of them are aware that they'd better get their degree because the odds are they won't make it to the NFL. They play for their school and their fans and they play their hearts out.

I love game day in Fresno, joining the tens of thousands clogging Bulldog Lane in our red shirts and hats, working our way to Jim Sweeney Field past the tailgaters - it's about more than the game; it's about the community coming together to cheer for OUR team. The atmosphere is electric.

The NFL games I've been to have never matched that type of warm intensity. To be sure, that's where you'll find football played at its highest level and the intensity is there, but it's a cold intensity that can never, for myself at least, match the aura of college football.

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