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Originally Posted by SDBoltz
chargers have arguably the best TE in the game in antonio gates and thats not just homer talk. and you know how a corner blitz works so dont play stupid. we have the most depth at linebacker in the afc and thats not just my opinion go on espn and check it out... but thats all paper talk... bottom line is we have more and better playmakers than you... i wouldnt put andre johnson over erik parker... and corey bradford is shut down by jammer so thats a non factor you have no1 like LT nobody does really but you definetly dont... LT can take over a game easily... look at the New england game of 2002... their first loss after winning the SB or ask oakland how hard it is to stop LT. I just think we are a better squad than you i'll be here monday to explain why the texans lost
So you think corey will be shut down bye "Jammer" WHO ??? And LT may be good but he miswell be out there by himself. Did i hear you say the best depth at linebacker also ,,,,come on you got one of or BACK UPS from last year on yalls team (key word beign back up) !!!! L.T is gonna feel pretty bad when our Rookie Babin shuts him down cause yalls line sucks. And when Andre and Corey burn yall deep dont be suprised.....So you be sure to be back monday i'll have a new thread going so you can publicy apologize for beign ignorant.
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