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I am just amazed that Bolts fans feel it sooooo important to insert their own propaganda on an opposing teams message board. They have a hard time understanding *cough cough '12b' cough cough* that this team is only in its 3rd year. How long have the Chargers had to put a winning team on the field? If memory serves me correctly - I know that it is longer than 3 years - and even with that the Texans still had more wins last season then a team that has been around the NFL for decades. Just awful.

And should you be surprised that the Texans were last in a majority of categories - no. It was expected. Especially with as many unfortunate injuries and lack of depth that they had. Everyone knew that winning 6 games last year was a stretch for Houston. I just see your argument as wholly over hyped and ignorant - maybe the climate does something to people's brains in California.

The comments from Charger fans include this. A) LT B) an unproven Igor rookie and C) cast off veterans that were going to be cut anyway but Panos & Co decided to give draft picks away for them - akk emm **Oben** (clear throat)

Very impressive.

Well Tomlinson is. Not so sure about the rest.

You talk like your changing our minds or something.
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