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Originally Posted by HoustonTexans4Life
Damn here we are giving yall a few "compliments which i dont see why" and you come on here talking a bunch of BS. What do you expect us to do roll over and play dead,,,,how bout this i'll go to yalls message board Monday and tell ALL yall that we TOLD YALL SO . Ever heard of Andre Johnnson, Domanic Davis, David Carr, Corey Bradford, ok ok how bout Jamie Sharper, Jay Foreman, Aaron Gleen, Marcus Coleman ??? No well thats to bad otherwise i dont think ya woulda come on OUR web site. By the way good "LUCK" sunday.

the only problem i see for our defense is sammy davis against andre johnson corey bradford is a non factor going against quentin jammer he will be shut down... but davis played well at hte end of lat year and the pre season so we will see.... my prediction 27-21 chargers i dont see davis having a big game with all pro jamal williams and donine edwards clogging the middle... you say igor olshansky as if he is some small rookie scrub... take a look at htis guy he is a monster.... you think brock lesnar or david boston is big... look at this guy....... with ben leber.... the guy who sacked david carr for a safety in 2002 blitzing and coming off of his blind side i predcit lots of turnovers for you.. our blitzez come from every where.... if you do manage 3 touchdowns it will be because of andre johnson beating sammy davis and setting up runs for davis.... if he doesnt beat davis..... texans are in for a long day.... and for someone who said 125 for tomlinon possibly 200 plus not likely..... its more like 125 definitely 200 plus possibly
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