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Default Chargers Point Of View

ok i can tell you texan fans are confident your going to beat us... but keep a few things in mind..... in 2002 we were 8-8 rolled over you guys and should have been in thee playoffs.... in 2003 it was supposed to be a push year with alot of people picking us to win the division or come in second.....that obviously didnt happen do to injuries and lack of experience.... we played much better at the end of the season once our secondary gained some experience and learned from their mistakes..... i only worry about the johnson sammy davis matchup because of the size issues. although in the pre season against much bigger wr's he did well... but thats pre season..... our conversion to the 3-4 has been a smooth transition and while people think we keep it simple... we actually have some complicated blitzes that we come at you with brees led the pre season in passing.... the defense led the league in sacks we have all pro's liek mike goff and roman oben anchoring our line which is much much better than yours we have donnie edwards and ben leber coming from outside with donnie stuffing the middle with fellow all pro jamal williams....we had no pass rush what so ever last year and that is why our secondary kept getting burned.... l.t. has been known to eat up a 3-4 defense ur better off goin 4 down not that it matters kuz i can guarantee you he is going to run for 150 catch 7-8 passes some 20 or more yard screens and lots of reverses for you to think we are push overs is just foolish... or to expect to win.. you should just be hoping to win.. and expect a dog fight like us our play action fakes will kill your aggresive safeties you think we have no playmakers at wr when erik parker is a superstar rising this year... he has some of the best hands in the league i just wish you would look at the game realisitically and realize that its going to be a close one
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