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I've just interposed my responses. . .

Originally Posted by DominatorDavis
Come on back and gloat then. You are right about Carr but you forgot to mention the heart of the other 52 men on the roster. This team is ready.

-you have no recievers (even Dwight is out)--I'm not so sure you'll agree after Sunday. . .

-your quarterback had the worst rating in the AFC last year--Even so, we we're 6th in the AFC offensively, the Texans were? Oh yeah, dead last, on defense too.

-your coach has verbally stated that his team has significant challenges to overcome this season to the media--Well, he does tend to state the obvious with panache!

-your team has perhaps the most incompetent owners in all of professional football--Truer words have seldom been typed! You should have heard what an imbecile Alex Spanos came off as during a mid-game interview. It was horrifyingly embarassing.

-your defense is laughable, Jammer is the only stand out--I hope your coaches think so. Most analysts think our secondary is coming up. Our linebacking corps is deep and talented. Oh yes, and the Colt's first offense (incl. Manning) failed to get more than 3 and out each time they took the field. But of course, preseason tape is just that.

-your draft in 04 was weak--According to who??? The lowest grade I saw was B+. Our second rounder will have an impact (mostly against your o-line and RB)

-LT is your only offensive option but he alone is not enough to win--Gates is great, but I will agree with you to the extent that Brees has to step up or we're done.

-the staring rookies on our defense (Babin & Robinson) are first rounders - your rookie starters on offense are who? is a 7th rounder from where? at right tackle (big difference)--Our vets, Oben, Goff, and Fonoti will have zero problem with them. That you can take to the bank, however, I will reserve my comments regarding Hardwick and Olivea for Monday.

-your team is playing in the loudest stadium in the NFL against a team that has a very good record in season opening games-- 2/0 is hardly a streak of utter domination. You don't hear me recalling the total whupping we handed you last time as indicative of anything here do you?

And you think a win and 31 points is possible... --definitely

It may be but it is not probable.

I think that you are still inhaling some of the smoke from those fires that were out there last year.--Nah, just a contact high from the entertainment industry here in LA

Please come on back - we'll give you a nice warm Texas welcome.--Promise to be gentle. . .

I do like Rivers though. He's got heart.
Should be a great game! Good luck after Game One, Texans are good folks.

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