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Originally Posted by Rule12b
With all due respect to you Houston folks here, I think you are in for a rude awakening on Sunday. True you have a nice crew of newly uninjured players. However, have you taken time to look at the preseason work of both teams? Your offensive front is going to get worked over, badly. They simply don't match up well against our um, no-names. Your back is skilled, but our run defense is not going to give him room. Watch the tape.

On offense, you will not stop our run, period. In the air, Dunta, who played too agressively all preseason, will be exploited often. Your sole hope and bright spot in the entire game is a potentially good pass rush, but just as you point to the rookie's in our O-line, you are relying on one in your rush.

31-13 Chargers. I'll be back on Monday to gloat. As far as the rest of your season goes, I wish you good luck, I like Carr, he's got heart.

Come on back and gloat then. You are right about Carr but you forgot to mention the heart of the other 52 men on the roster. This team is ready.

-you have no recievers (even Dwight is out)
-your quarterback had the worst rating in the AFC last year
-your coach has verbally stated that his team has significant challenges to overcome this season to the media
-your team has perhaps the most incompetent owners in all of professional football
-your defense is laughable, Jammer is the only stand out
-your draft in 04 was weak
-LT is your only offensive option but he alone is not enough to win
-the staring rookies on our defense (Babin & Robinson) are first rounders - your rookie starters on offense are who? is a 7th rounder from where? at right tackle (big difference)
-your team is playing in the loudest stadium in the NFL against a team that has a very good record in season opening games

And you think a win and 31 points is possible...

It may be but it is not probable.

I think that you are still inhaling some of the smoke from those fires that were out there last year.

Please come on back - we'll give you a nice warm Texas welcome.

I do like Rivers though. He's got heart.

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