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Originally Posted by Bill Simmons of ESPN
23. "Every once in awhile, I'd have to take a beating, but by then I didn't care. The way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometimes."

To the up-and-coming Texans, a potential wildcard pick for me if Dom Capers wasn't prominently involved. Quick feel-good story: Back in December, 2001, I was covering the Bowl in Houston (don't ask), which took place the same week when the expansion Texans signed their first handful of free agents. I remember driving on one of the 78 highways in Houston, listening to sports radio as the hosts breathlessly analyzed each signing -- each of whom had roughly a 0.00007-percent chance of making the team -- and thinking to myself, "Man, this city REALLY needed its football team back." Seems like yesterday. Now they have a decent team. Dikembe Mutombo Needless to say, the Rockets will be relying on hand signals this season. (Note: Big year for Houston, between the Super Bowl, the resurgent Astros, Clemens's return, T-Mac and Yao, the All-Star Game, a potential playoff team with the Texans, and the 7,300 Light Rail accidents. And now the Rockets have traded for Dikembe Mutombo, which could lead to the first-ever situation where Yao's translator needs his own translator to figure out what Dikembe is saying. Has any team ever had two translators before? I'm telling you, it's the Year of Houston.)
Looks like the Texans are even getting a little respect from the not so well know writers.
I've adopted Eric Moulds
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