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There is plenty to be worried about. No team is a cakewalk. We are starting 2 rookies and 8 out our 11 players on defense didn't play a lot at their positions last year. Our rookie CB has been torched a bit in preseason. We just don't have a lot of absolutes. Too many questionmarks to be giving us the outright win already. Can David Carr have a good QB rating? Will our defensive line hold considering the nagging injuries to Walker and Payne, 2/3's of our defense? Where has Robaire Smith been? I don't think I heard his name once this preseason. Can the backup D-line put pressure on the QB? Will Wong be able to get the QB against a 350 monster? Will the rookie Babin know all of his assignments? Can Dunta shake off his preseason struggles? Can Glenn hold up with his hammy problems? Can Coleman convert to Free Safety? Can Wand handle a full 4 qtrs of pressure? Can Pitts convert to RG? Can Davis stay healthy? Will the playcalling be better?

We are still a young team.
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