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I think we have seen glimmers of what the offense can do and I think right now most of us don't have too many concerns about it. However, while on Paper the defense looks alright we just haven't seen much in the preseason. In fact, if anything, we have seen some real bad things. Walker and Payne have been essentially missing from the mix. It looks like that will continue. Without those players we are in trouble. I think the defense has more to show than the offense. I hope we do well against SD, but I think Smith is going to have to show much more than he has shown in preseason. I believe he has been basically a no show up to now. Babin and Robinson have been on the injured list lately, so again another negative. We may have to win a lot of games offensively this year in a shoot out. I think this year is going to be the opposite of 02 in that the offense becomes our primary weapon despite Capers coaching ability. I think last years injuries took a large toll and we have yet recovered from it.
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