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I agree this is good stuff. It is a good question and I believe it goes to show just how balanced most of us believe the team is. I expect we will all see better and more consistent play from David Carr, and Davis being the featured back for the season (barring injuries), our offense should be more productive and exciting (given we open the play book up a bit). Yet still the decision has to go with the defense.
IF Payne can return to form, he is the most impressive NT I've seen. Titans coach, Fisher said before the beginning of last season he was the most underrated player in the NFL. Now with Payne, Walker, and Smith - the LBs will look like All pros, especially with depth and exciting changes going on in the secondary, that should improve our play there. It seems to me, even with the offensive improvements we have made, that our offense will be able to stay on the field more, with less "3 & outs" - and that too will keep the defensive play fresh. So even with offensive improvements, I see the defense being the KEY to our success, and am persuaded they are up to the task.
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