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Originally Posted by Cheapseats32
I thought that's what we do as fans... bounce ideas of eachother to pass the time, right.

Anyway, I'd be interested to see if we devote a roster spot strictly to a PR/KR again this year, or if we make it a pre-requisite to contribute more with that roster spot.
Each year it gets harder and harder to devote roster spots to PR/KRs as we mature as a franchise and develop the bottom of our roster. While a PR/KR is CRUCIAL, so are gunners and we have good ones in Vaughan and Bell, although they have limited upside as corners. Also, we may have to keep bottom roster spots for developmental projects like Glen Earl (if he's like Hollings, he'll only contribute on a limited basis) and Jamaal Lord. What about Symons? If he's not on the PUP list (which means he can't practice), we either keep him on the roster, or waive him and risk losing him trying to get him to the practice squad. I think this year it's going to be really tough finalizing the bottom of the roster.

I think this explains why Casserly wanted a second #1 pick (Babin) instead of several lower picks. Babins takes one roster spot. The titans have to find several roster spots for their selections. They probably can do it, because they have salary cap problems, but it would be tough on us. For example, if we'd used our third round pick on a CB but had to cut Faggins to keep him on the roster, or drafted a guard but had to cut Brown or Weary, would we have been further ahead?
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