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Originally Posted by Joe Texan
First if all you know nothing captian Know it all

You have no idea if he is guilty or not.

You base your so called facts on the media hounds who will lie to get a good story.

One example is the infamous Ted Oberg. Did a story on me and how I would never go to the Superbowl. Oh poor little Joe Texan. I went to the Superbowl, did Ted do a story saying he was wrong, NO!

I have had several people very close to me killed by a drunk driver. Oh you of little knowledge do not need to hand me your sob stories to verify your point.
American Justice is innocent untill proven guilty, what you are doing are convicting him before the judge does.

I have full confidence that Mr. Bob McNair will deal with this incident in a fair and just manner. I have full confidence that the Houston Police will find an answer also. Just like they did with all of the DNA tests, and we now have to pay for new ones. Have patience, justice will be served, Untill then, PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!!!!!
Joe Texan I see we have our differences but why did the on scene Police Officer have to call in the DUI Team? Also The Benz look like it hit a tree from the so called Media Hounds Camera that I saw. Had to be going pretty fast to deploy the air bags. I have driven up and down Richmond for years I never hit a tree! Colman refused Breath test. Wonder if he gave a blood test? You know the old saying walks like a duck.My main points are about the Law System for DUI`S. There is no way that Little of the Rams should be playing football! He should be doing life in Prison for what he did. Wasn`t he busted again for DUI the day before the Draft? Unreal! Also last week a Drunk Driver killed a woman after his 3rd DUI! Like I said earlier I just hope Colman gets some professional HELP! Being a Ball Player whether you like it or not you are a role model and are under a microscope. Ever little thing that you do is being watched. When you sign that contract you have to take the good with the bad. You really have to think before acting.
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