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Originally Posted by threetoedpete
Loved the Missouri call. If Brad Smith played at Notre Dame, he'd be a lock for the Hiesman this year. I'm not an A&M basher or hater. If they break .500 this season, I'll be surprised. The wrecked crew defense may set new standards in futillity. It'll be though, but they May pass Baylor this year in team defense.This will be one of the more interesting races in the big twelve sports fans. The race to the bottom on team defense in the big twelve.
OSU has a very nice OL and they gave UT fits last year. If you can run the ball and play D you will always be good. See A&M above. One thing about Nebraska, they will have a whole lot more of their skill guys get looks in the NFL Draft from this point on. Something had to change, they've got to get over the Texas hump. When you see ten Texas players on their roster, the huskers will have arrived. Yes I pull for the Iowa shcools. They are both led by quarterbacks from Texas. Smart move.
Bold prediction for 2004 Texas doesn't beat OU this year, they get pay back in spades. Texas will drop the bomb on them this year. This weekend vs Arkansas will give you a hint of things to come. JMHO's
I gotta agree about A&M. Love them to death and will always be an aggie but I know when they arnt doing well and this is a time. A .500 team will be fine with me, its improvment.
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