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Originally Posted by nunusguy
Not to change the subject, but when you look over the D side of the depth
chart and see the names Walker, Payne, Sharper, Glenn, and Coleman amoung the starters, it reminds you just how important and successful our
X draft was. And one can make a real good argument that they are the 5 best players on the D.
I agree about the expansion draft, but would add that only five of 19 drafted are still with the team (that doesn't mean that we were wrong to draft them, just that their time with us has passed). Should add Jerry DeLoach and Jay Foreman, because of trades featuring expansion draft players. You could also agrue, because some have re-signed (Walker), or renegotiated (Glenn) with the Texans that they also stand for the importance of KEEPING FAs who fit your system.
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