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I agree with McClain. I think the "honeymoon" will be over if we don't win at least 7 games this year.

I also agree that 7-8 wins are realistic and 2005 is the year to expect playoff contention.

As for all of the Palmer bashers, you obviously don't realize that Capers tied his hands to give us a fighting chance in most games. With the front 7 we had on defense last year, we would have had a lot more blowout losses if we had "opened up the playbook". This is pretty much year 1 to evaluate both coordinators IMO. Start evaluating Palmer now and don't hold years 1 and 2 against him. He had a fantastic track record with the Oilers, Patriots and Jaguars.

In all likelihood, if our offense faulters this year it will have a lot more to do with execution since we have all of the elements in place for a successful offense (well except a true #2 WR) .
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