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Originally Posted by aj.
btw, I thought the NFL 2004 section in the Chronicle yesterday was very good overall.
Again, I felt John McLain's observations on the Texans were unduly negative. Specifically, under each team, he lists "key departures." For the Titans, that means Eddie George, Jevon Kearse, etc. For San Francisco, it's Terrell Owens, etc. For the Rams, it's Curt Warner, etc. Significant players to the franchise.

In regard to the Texans, I believe the fair way to report the departures is to say "they didn't lose anyone," but added Wade, The Baire, Bruener. Instead, he lists as the first two players, players we picked up during the season, as UFA, to replace injured players and another who (I believe) is out of football.

I think he has an obligation to do more than list additions and deletions, implying it all evens out. He needs to add Texans added more than they lost, not the case with many teams.
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