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I disagree with a lot of things John McLain says, but I'll point out only two. John starts his article with: "Now is the time for the longest honeymoon since Jackie Gleason's to end. The Texans should be out of the alibi business."

The Texans have only been in existence (playing games) for two seasons. They are entering the third year of what has widely been reported as a four year plan towards contention. While I expect the Texans to exceed expectations, how in the world could you promote saying the time is NOW. Longest honeymoon? John's C'boys just had 3 years of 5-11. They wasted all that opportunity developing Quincy Carter. They are starting a 41-year-old quarterback (Testeverde), a fired WR (Keyshawn) and a discarded RB (George). If the timetable is NOW for the Texans, it must be yesterday for the C'boys. I hope he is promoting a C'boy fan revolt in Dallas.

Secondly, John McLain ends his article with "After taking baby steps for two seasons ..." Baby steps?

When the Texans beat the C'boys in their first ever game (the first expansion team to do it in approx 40 years, I think), it wasn't baby steps. It was a statement. How did the Browns do in their inaugral, rival game?

When the Texans beat the Dolphins in Miami, to be the first ever expansion team to win it's first two opening games, IN MIAMI, who hadn't lost there in September in ___ (many) years, it wasn't a baby step. It was a statement.

When the Texans went undefeated against all four NFC opponents to come to Reliant (C'boys, Giants, Falcons and Panthers (one of who went to the Superbowl)), it wasn't baby steps. It was a statement.

And when last year the Texans became the first franchise in the history of the NFL to have two rookies (Johnson and Davis) with more than 972 yards (approx?) each, it wasn't baby steps. It was a statement.

No, if the Texans have taken baby steps, I hope that John McLain will clear the STARdust out of his eyes and point out to his readers the bankrupt strategies of the C'boys over their 5-11 'building' years.
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