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Originally Posted by Lucky
... Houston Texans 10-6, 6th seed in the AFC playoffs.
Good writeup.

I previously predicted 10-6 (with 1 playoff win) and I still feel good about that prediction. I would add that there are probably 20-22 teams that can legitimately predict being one of the 12 teams to make the playoffs. Some of those 22-24 teams will have too many injuries to overcome (like the Texans last year) and some will win/lose a game because of a blown referee call (like the Ravens being handed a game on a blown clock call). A Peyton Mannings, or Steve McNair could be injured week 1. It's impossible to know which teams will be affected and therefore which of the 20-22 teams will actually be 1 of the 12 playoff teams. In other years, the Texans weren't legitimately one of the 22 potential playoff teams.

I believe the Texans will go 3-3 in division and lose in Kansas City and Denver. They will also lose 1 other game.
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