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Going into Thursday's game, I didn't know what they were going to do. I knew that Moses would get some returns, as would Gaffney and Starling. But the longer the game drew on, the more I kept waiting for Gaffney or Starling to come in on a return, but every time, Moses was there. I couldn't figure out until last night if the Texans were looking for a reason to keep him or cut him.

Cutting Vontez Duff was the first sign. Then, last night proved to me that Moses will be our return specialist. He gave them no reason to doubt him. He is just as solid and reliable as ever.

I think he had two reasons that his return yards average was lower than his ability last year. One, which he admitted, was that he was so busy trying to prove himself that he didn't take the fair catch when one was warranted. He is improving in that regard (acknowledgement is the biggest obstacle). Second, I think he had several good runs called back on holding penalties, at least half of which, IMO, were unrelated to his progress on the run. Yes, he's not as quick as the ideal, but he looks like Dante Hall when compared to what we had in Jermaine Lewis in 2002.

I like Starling. I hope they can keep him as well. I don't know who I'd be willing to part with to keep him, but I like what I've seen so far. If we can't keep Starling, I have no doubt he will be picked up quickly by another team.
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