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Originally Posted by MikeMc
You are actually D-I AA...not DII, so that might be the root of the problem.

BTW, what's the deal with all of the SWT students being UT fans? Why not be proud of your school's team? If you like UT so much, why don't you just go there?? And if you don't go there because you could not get in...then why would you give a rat's "butt" about them? Oh might be because the have gone 9-4 the last three years.
Actually, it's been more like...

2001 - 11-2 (with a 52-26 win over UH)
2002 - 11-2 (with a 41-11 win over UH)
2003 - 10-3

But what happens when you go to several different schools? By the time I'm done with my degree, I could have 5 "favorite" schools. Should I pick one of them, be considered a bandwagon for that school and ignore the others?

I'll just stick with my childhood favorite instead...

In-state - University of Texas - I'm on my way out the door to head to Austin w/in the hour. Should be a good time. Any others going?

Out-of-state - Colorado State University - I had to live in Colorado for a year and it happen to be during CU's MNC run (during the infamous "5th down" season). Having to hear all the Buff's BS was not a pleasant experience. So rooting for CSU was my way of rooting against CU.
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