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Default Projected 53 man roster, Offense

While many things will change from now until opening day, including injuries, late free agents from June 1 and waiver pick ups, I would argue that the offensive portion of the 53 man roster is largely set. If you assume that three spots are locked in with the kicker, punter and long snapper, we can guess that each of the offense and defense will have 25 spots, although it can vary somewhat to fit in returners & gunners (is the returner an extra WR, or CB).

I believe that the Texans have 22 offensive spots spoken for already, if they are not 'hidden' on Injured Reserve. I believe the 22 are:

1 QB David Carr
2 QB David Ragone
3 QB Tony Banks

4 RB Domanick Davis
5 RB Tony Hollings

6 FB Jarrod Baxter
7 FB Moran Norris

8 WR Andre Johnson
9 WR Jabar Gaffney
10 WR Corey Bradford
11 WR Derick Armstrong

12 TE Bennie Joppru
13 TE Billy Miller
14 TE Mark Bruener

15 LT Chester Pitts
16 LG Todd Washington
17 C Steve McKinney
18 RG Zach Wiegert
19 RT Todd Wade

20 OT Seth Wand

21 OG Milford Brown
22 OG Fred Weary

In addition to the above, they will probably keep a third RB (maybe Wells), a 5th WR (maybe Sloan) and perhaps a 4th tight end (maybe Holloway). While they will need an additional offensive tackle to practice, they may just use one from the practice squad.

Remember, even if they have the above on the 53 man roster, less will dress for the game. For example, the 46 man game day roster (with 3 QBs) will still have a kicker, punter and long snapper active. Likely that means 22 (3 QBs) on offense and 21 on defense. Accordingly, we may only dress 4 WR, 3 TE, 2 RB 7 OL, 1 FB; etc.

If the above is correct, then really a lot of late round picks and free agent pick ups are fighting for 1 or 2 spots.

Give me your thoughts?
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