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And that's what's wrong the BCS, it limits the conferences, a purely monopolistic move that takes the fun out of watching an underdog. Whose to say that only these certain conferences get in while these don't. Whose to say that on down the road another conference can't be created and they will be left out in the cold. It smacks right into a free-market belief. This BCS coalition put a stranglehold on all the other conferences and lacks the appeal that March Madness has, a chance to root for the underdog and have a pure championship playoff. They've tried and tried to make it work and it just doesn't. It needs to be a playoff type tournament, not a "voting" system.

I would expand Speedy's to 32 or 64, because what ever argument was made to have the NCAA basketball tournament at 65, the same argument can be for any other sport, football included. No other systems exists like the BCS, there is a reason for that.
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