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Originally Posted by texansfan88
tough...wanna root for him but he is a buccaneer AND cost UT a shot at the National Championship back in majors senior year
Who knows what would have happened if Applewhite had started every game his senior year?
I'm glad someone posted that.

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I did want to emphasize that point. Major gets overrated by so many within the UT community because of his lack of size and his two wins over Nebraska. In reality, one of those two wins was with Ricky Williams, and the other was in Austin which is one of the toughest places to play in college football. More than anything, what defined the Applewhite era were unnecessary losses to teams like North Carolina State and Stanford and Texas A&M where Applewhite wasn't at the top of his game. The big games don't mean anything if you don't have the consistency to take care of business in all the other weeks, and the Applewhite-led teams didn't do that. I recognize that the coaching staff is and was the real problem, but I don't see how Applewhite starting makes the 2001 team any better.

With that said, some of you are going to be surprised. I've watched a couple of Bucs preseason games this year (I'm a Longhorn fan, so I want to see Chris), and Simms has really surprised me with his mobility. He's not as fast as Carr, but he's surprisingly mobile for his size and for what he showed in college. He's light years than Brad Johnson and Brian Griese. He looks like he's been coached well on how to be comfortable outside of the pocket, which was his primary weakness at Texas.
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